It’s all up to you

Those extra hours of work you put in. That one extra push-up you do after finishing the set. The amount of effort you put in every day when nothing is changing. It’s all very tiring, and it gets lonely. We are all fighting our own battles and we are not winning every one of them. No one is going through what you’re going through. And that’s good because it means no matter what you’re dealing with, it’s up to you and no one else to deal with it.

In my experience with successful people, I have seen one thing that makes them stand out from others. The ability to focus on the solution, rather than the problem. People who have mastered the skill of focusing on the solutions are usually the ones that thrive. It is easier to focus on the negative since it’s visible and impacting us at the time. That is why people tend to focus less on the positive. Once we have been presented with the obstacle it’s harder to see the way out, and some people get comfortable with that. It’s doesn’t have to be bad, but it means you will get stuck.

And if you don’t want to get stuck, those extra hours of work, that push-up, and the effort you put in each day will feel less like work once you get through some of your first obstacles. Your goals should be a part of your identity, meaning who you are, decides what you do. Your habits, your goals, the obstacles you haven’t gone through yet, all circle back to this question:

Who am I, and who do I want to be?


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